1) Do I need to bring anything with me for treatment?

  • If you have any x-rays or scans please bring these along with you.
  • Your physiotherapist will ask you if you need to bring anything specific to your treatment.
  • You may bring with you shorts and a vest for treatment if you wish.

2) Is there a waiting list for treatment?

  • No, we can often see patients within 24-48 hours of their enquiry.

3) How long is a treatment session?

  • Your initial treatment will range between 45 minutes and 1 hour
  • Follow up treatment sessions tend to be around 45 minutes, but if a longer time is required, there is no additional cost.

4) How many treatments will I need?

  • This will depend upon your diagnosis. Your physiotherapist will discuss this with you at your initial assessment and give you a guide as to how many treatments would be beneficial to you- we do NOT see you more than is necessary

5) What sort of conditions do you treat?

  • We treat all conditions relating to soft tissue, bones and joints If you are unsure about whether we can treat your problem, please call us- we are here to help you

6) If you live abroad!

  • (USA, Poland, Ireland, Holland, Croatia etc), Please contact the clinic to discuss available appointments before booking flight/boat tickets.